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Our home visit services can help you in all areas of dog ownership, from behaviour correction, general dog or puppy training, nutrition, advice & guidance. Particularly useful if you are re-homing a dog from a rescue or adoption centre. Quite often rescued dogs will seem to settle in quickly but after time will start to develop problems often associated with the reasons they were in the rescue centre. We can show you the pitfalls to avoid and how to develop a lasting relationship with your new dog that avoids these old issues reoccurring.

Home visits for young puppies

Bringing a new puppy into the home can be a daunting task. To avoid future problems it is vital that you get things right at the outset with good puppy training. Your puppies behaviour is instinctive and things like mouthing, jumping up and crying through the night although not seen as big issues to begin with can lead to major problems in the future if not dealt with properly at the start.

We will visit you and your puppy in your home and show you all those important little things that you need to know but just don’t know where to start. Things like the best way to start toilet training, how to play with your puppy and how to make sure they know where they fit into the family group. The sooner this is done the better and failure to get it right can lead to future problems that can be difficult and time consuming to fix in the future.

Home visits are available throughout Yorkshire.

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