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Our Residential Training Packages are popular options for people who have very busy lives and need a helping hand to make a significant impact on their dogs behaviour, or customers  who like to combine their time away on holiday, with a holiday for their dog that will positively affect their behaviour.

In these cases your dog will be benefit from a concentrated course of dog training under the personal supervision of our expert instructors. Before commencing with training, we carry out an initial assessment with you and your dog. This helps us to understand the exact requirements to help us tailor your dogs training to your lifestyle, and enables us to plan the course accordingly.

At the end of the course you will be given a personal tuition session where we will demonstrate what your dog has learnt during the training course plus be shown the techniques required to maintain their training.  

We offer 3 options for our Residential Trainers:

Home Life Residential Training: This option is a house based training plan, where your dog will be paired with one of our expert trainers for the duration of their stay and be housed within the trainers home for this period. This plan is particularly popular with young dogs and our recommendation for all dogs under 6 months. Home Life is great if you need any help with toilet training or over excitement in the house or garden, or would simply prefer the extra attention that your dog ultimately receives with this plan.

Standard Residential Training: This option is a kennel based training plan. Your dog will still be paired with one of our trainers, but will reside in our Luxury 5 Star Boarding Kennel. This plan is very popular for dogs with reactive problems, because they spend a concentrated amount of time around other dogs. Your dog benefits from both training and the regular kennel exercise routine in this option.

Combination Residential Training: We are also able to offer a Combination Training Package which includes both Residential Training One to One Training. This is a useful option for people who need a little extra help with a problem dog but would also like to be heavily involved in their dogs training programme. Depending on the scale of the problem you are looking to solve, we are able to offer differing time scales of the Residential Training with this plan. Both Home Life and Standard Training plans are available with the Combination Training option.

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