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Lucky was 8 months old when we got him from a lady who rescues dogs from Romania. Lucky was a street dog and sadly went through quite an ordeal in his short life, which led to the loss of one of his rear legs.  He had been ill for so long that he had no idea how to play, he'd never been walked and was scared of his own shadow. Then once settled, he started to play bite (very hard), bark excessively, go mad at other dogs and pull on the lead. To be honest the play biting was a huge concern as I have a 7 year old daughter.

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We rescued Toby a four year old doberman from a local re-homing centre a few months after the death of our much loved dog Oscar, also a doberman after ten and a half years.


It quickly became clear that Toby was going to be a challenge, and certainly wasn’t the dog that had been described to us at the rescue centre...he pulled like a train and absolutely hated other dogs, to the point that he sunk his teeth into my partner Paul's thigh trying to grab a dog that was walking past us on our first walk.... Read More


Having spoken to a couple of dog trainers, neither of whom inspired me with confidence, I was recommended to contact Wakefield Dog Training Centre by a Mum from school.

As the owner of a soon–to-be large, strong and already wilful Doberman puppy, Reba, and a parent of two young children, I was keen to find a trainer who could help us to ensure she grew into a fun, well behaved and obedient dog that could join in with family activities...Read More


Last year I became the owner of a boisterous, mad Patterdale puppy, Chip. I took her to puppy classes with other puppies but she was more interested in the other dogs rather than being trained. So I looked for individual puppy training and found WDTC. It was the best thing I could have done! From the initial assessment to the last lesson we both loved it.

The training provided was effective, informative and fun! (The owners are trained as well as the dogs!) ...Read More

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